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California Stucco Company Ltd. has a superior and long lasting product for exterior surfaces called Stucco which has been in existence and used for the past 78 yrs in the United States and around the world. Stucco can eliminate all the inefficiencies and flaws on walls caused by poor workmanship. Acrylic Elastomeric Coating is a pre-blended elastomeric acrylic polymer stucco finish which is available in any colour desired. We can match your colour to the best of our ability. Acrylic Elastomeric Stucco has undergone vigorous testing and has been proven to be extremely durable, provides tremendous elasticity and one of lasting beauty. Stucco can be applied directly on flush pointed concrete blocks. Our fiber mesh is of fire coating standards and the mesh coat has a high percent acrylic Portland base product which is used as a foam adhesive and to embed fiber glass mesh to cover foam board and detail work.

Stucco is crack resistant and bridges crack and check marks. There is no chalking or abrasion and it resists impact, mold, mildew and salt spray which is ideal for beachfront houses. It is fire resistant and non-flammable and provides excellent adhesion to a variety of sound substrates such as concrete, brick, block, gypsum board and on paint surfaces. There is no need for priming as the stucco finish is 1/8″ thick and therefore all faults are eliminated due its thickness. Only one coat of stucco is applied onto exterior walls and two coats of mesh coat onto foam. This product is guaranteed to last for over 50 years of lasting beauty without any deterioration and is ideal for detail work, such as quoins, arches, columns etc. It comes in a variety of textures and is environmentally friendly according to OSHA Standards. When dirty it can simply be power washed up to 3500 psi.

Flush Poined Foundation Blocks

Stucco has undergone vigorous laboratory testing, and has been proven in the field to allow excellent workability encompassing a wide spectrum of substrates.

Stucco, together with our mesh coat, can eliminate the need of plastering foundation blocks, providing the blocks have been Flush Pointed properly.

Remember, Stucco can be mixed into virtually any colour you desire. So that would eliminate painting, meaning you can have your exterior foundation block walls plastered, and painted in one process, saving you time and money.

No water penetration, no visibility on block joints, giving you a beautiful finish on exterior and a texture of your choice.

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