Exterior Finishes to Last A Lifetime

We supply a wide variety of exterior Stucco Finishes and Decorative Mouldings, in an unlimited range of colours. Stucco is extremely durable, easy to maintain and can last for over 20 years without ever re-doing or evidence of extreme fading.

Stucco has Many Benefits:

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Maintenance Free

It is resistant to abuse, the colour is integral and permanent this eliminates the need for painting; it can simply be cleaned with a power wash.

Colour Permanency

Stucco’s colors do not fade even under 1500 hours of QUV testing in the harshest conditions. Assured of colour uniformity from batch to batch and year to year. Available in any desieed colour.

Time Efficient

Stucco grows with age and is fully resistant to rot, deterioration and aggressive chemicals in the atmosphere. It is an easy retrofit and is an ideal medium for restoring old homes.

Fire Resistant

It is non-flammable and non-contributable to fire. It will not smoke, burn or give off fumes.


3000 sq. ft. can be completed in 1 week. Work is completed in a timely manner and surrounding area is thoroughly cleaned after completion.

Cost Efficient

Cost includes, supplying of material, installation and scaffolding.

What Customers say:

The service is good and the product gives your house the facelift it needs to be more appealing. But most of all I think the service is great!

- Vanessa Thakur Stucco Customer

I was the first to be introduced by California Stucco Company Ltd. to their products and services here in Guyana. The stucco and their application caught my eyes because it is very attractive and gives a building a fresh look. When this company explained this product to me, I realised just then its economical advantages.

With the utilization of Styrofoam, cement and colour, it is cost-saving since it is resistance to fire and additionally this saves me from painting every 3 years. When I told my family about it, they questioned the durability and were curious to see the outcome. Initially with lack of knowledge on their designs, my daughters were very sceptical but they found a liking after viewing it at Guyexpo and the company’s hard-working, confident and experienced staff made it suitable to my wife and daughters preferences.

I am a man of class who admires fancy things especially when it comes to my house and yard who believes, those who put a lot into the appearance of surroundings reflect a lot of their personality. I will continue to use stucco not just for external purposes but also for internal decor on the other homes I intend to build and this company will be included in my plans since they have proven their commitment and delivered a worthy service to me.

- Lall Stucco Customer

Recent Stucco Projects

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